Antique dress form and chair

Joanne Hegarty - Personal Stylist

Lost your style mojo? Frustrated by not looking your best? Does the thought of shopping for new clothes make you anxious or even depressed?

Is finding anything to wear in that cluttered closet of yours a constant struggle?

Let me help you rediscover your style confidence and feel truly good about your relationship with clothes again.

I offer a friendly and committed bespoke personal styling service for women - and men - that caters for all body shapes, all ages, budgets and lifestyles.

I can help you find the clothes that really flatter and inspire you - and stop you making the same mistake buys over and over again.

As a fully-trained personal stylist, I also offer a wardrobe detox service - identifying what works, what doesn't and what gaps need to be filled.  

Or how about a styling party in your own home when I can show you and your friends how to wear the season's new trends and, even more importantly, you'll all have a great time while we're doing it.

Discover more about my personal styling services right here.