Client Testimonials

You probably know the feeling. Opening the wardrobe door is not unlike opening the fridge. You take a look and finding nothing tempting, close the door. Five minutes later you try again, hoping a miracle has struck.

It seemed the old faithfuls in my wardrobe were taking me down the path to invisibility. Suits for job interviews long gone. Trousers for hips, long gone. And colour? My wardrobe was as black and white (and brown) as my classic movie collection.

I was stuck. I needed something different but didn't know what.

What Joanne did was clever. A thorough examination of my wardrobe revealed I knew how to dress for my shape. The classics weren't bad, but under Joanne's direction, they found different partners. The white shirt worn under a dress; the pencil skirt with a different top; skinny belts or chunky necklaces changing outfits in seconds.

The charity shop did benefit but not by much (also kind to my purse). Less wardrobe clear-out than wardrobe refit, Joanne helped me organise my clothes fit for my life now. We even found colour - a little - in tops buried at the back of the wardrobe.

Joanne left me with suggestions for next steps - shops which favoured my shape, accessories which wouldn't break the bank, and a cue list of potential next purchases. Most importantly, a confidence which I'd forgotten I had.

There was nothing new in my wardrobe when she left, but it looked completely different (I opened the doors a few times just to make sure).

Estelle, school business manager and mum