Client Testimonials

I would highly recommend Joanne.  I used to be a self confessed shopaholic with a vast wardrobe.  Following the birth of my son, my figure still hadn't returned to its pre pregnancy state after 6 months. I suffered a major image crisis and lost all my confidence when it came to fashion.

Nothing in my wardrobe fitted and I no longer knew what to shop for to look good. 

Joanne helped me on two fronts - First she did a wardrobe detox for me. She helped me understand which pieces it was time to part with, and gave me loads of ideas on how to use my existing wardrobe staples in new ways.

After identifying some gaps in my closet - we went shopping together for a new autumn/ winter wardrobe. 

She really took the time to find pieces that worked for my busy lifestyle as a career woman and a mother - so very busy!

She helped find things that flattered my new shape and hid the bits I wanted covered up. She was also very conscious of my budget. 

Joanne had already done some research before we met and came armed with some suggestions. She really listened throughout the day, gave honest views and encouraged me to try stuff that I'd simply have walked past. 

The result- several versatile, affordable outfits that I actually felt good in and enjoy wearing. 

Joanne gave me a huge confidence boost and is great fun to shop with. I'll definitely be using her again.

Sarah, lawyer and mum