Wardrobe Filled with Clothes

Wardrobe Detox

Do you regularly stand in front of your wardrobe, throw your hands up in despair and utter the age-old line: I’ve absolutely nothing to wear?

Is your wardrobe full of things that don’t quite fit, don’t quite suit you - or which you’re bored to death with?

And then there are all those embarrassing - and expensive - mistake buys.

Don’t fret, we’ve all been there. The important question now is: do you want to do something to get out of this frustrating rut?

If the answer is yes, then I can come to your home, go through your closet - and breathe a whole new lease of life back into it.

Together we can decide what should stay, what should go and discover some exciting new ways to wear old, much-loved items.

We’ll also identify the gaps - the new things you need to make your whole wardrobe work effortlessly together, season by season.